The Web Editor

The Web Editor is used for creating web pages and is similar to Microsoft Word.

When you add or edit a web page the following Editor will be displayed:

You can paste text into the web editor or type straight into it.  If you are pasting into the web editor, you should use the Paste as plain text button Paste as plain text button.

Source - Shows the HTML code for the page.
Server Preview - Shows you a preview of your page before you publish it
Save - Saves your page

Templates - Allows you to choose from 3 preset page layouts

Maximise - Makes the editor window full screen, click again to go back to smaller screen
Cut - Removes selected content from the page and adds it to your clipboard
Copy - Copies selected content to your clipboard
Paste - Adds content from your clipboard to your page
Paste as Plain Text - Adds content from your clipboard to your page, removing all formatting from the pasted content
Print - Prints the contents of the web editor
Undo - Reverses the last action you took in the web editor
Redo - Reverses the last Undo
Find - Find specific text in the web editor
Replace - Search for specific text and replace it with alternative, specified text
Select All - Select all the content in the web editor
Remove Format - Remove all formatting from selected text
Image - Insert an image  more...
Table - Add a table
Insert Horizontal Line - Insert a horizontal line
Smiley - Insert a smiley
Insert Special Character - Insert a special character
Insert/Remove Numbered List - Insert or remove a numbered list
Insert/Remove Bulleted List - Insert or remove a bulleted list
Decrease Indent - Decrease the indent of selected text
Increase Indent - Increase the indent of selected text
Block Quote - Make selected text a block quotation
Link - Add a hyperllink, email link or link to an anchor to the selected text  more...
Unlink - Remove a hyperlink from the selected text
Anchor - Add an anchor to the text  more...
Text Colour - Change the colour of the selected text
Background Colour - Change the background colour of the selected text
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