The forums allow Website members to interact with each other through the website.

They are only available to members so visitors to the site will not be able to access the data.


To add a forum go to People in the top menu, click Forums and click the Add a Forum button.  You will then be asked to enter a name and description for the forum. Once this done click Add to create the new forum and make it available to site members.

Every forum should have at least 1 moderator who is responsible for ensuring that forums do not contain any inappropriate content. Every post in the forum will have a button allowing any member to report it if they think that it is unsuitable or inappropriate. Reported posts will be removed from the forum and will be passed onto the moderator who can then delete or reinstate the reported post. Forum moderators will see a note in their personal menu informing them that a post has been reported. From there they will then be able to delete or re-instate the forum post.

To add a Moderator, go to the main Forums page and click on the name of the Forum you want to add the Moderator to.

Click the Add Forum Moderator button and you will be able to add up to 10 Moderators.


Delete or Edit a Forum

To delete or edit a forum, go to the main Forums page by clicking People in the top menu, click Forums and click the name of the forum.

Clicking the Delete button will remove the Forum and all of its posts, this cannot be undone.

Clicking the Edit button will allow you to change the name and description of the Forum.


Group Forums

Every group within the website can have their own forum which is only accessible to members of that group. To create a forum for a group you will need to go to the group section of the site.  See Groups for more information.


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