Daily Message

The daily message feature displays a different message on the homepage that is valid for the current day - each day the relevant daily message will be shown.

There are two ways that you can use the daily message:


Adding the daily message yourself

The site administrator can enter the daily message in advance through Global Office, this means it is possible to schedule a whole years worth of daily messages in one go. The daily message feature can be used for whatever your organisation requires it for.

If you want visitors to your site to be able to see a listing of all the daily messages for the current month, in the Daily Message Options, select Yes for Allow Previous Messages to be viewed. 

Once you have selected this option you will then be able to start adding the daily messages for each day. On the Daily Message page in Global Office just select which month you want to update and click Update.  If you want to see the messages that have already been added, select the month and click View.


Custom Script

The second option of using the Daily message is the Custom Script option. 

If you have a daily feed from another site then you can add this to the daily message by pasting the JavaScript code into Option B

To add the Daily Message to your website’s homepage, you will need to add the Widget within your Design. See our video on this specific widget for more details.


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