Audio Catalogue

With Edit Websites, you can add recordings of speeches or meetings to your website, very easily. The Edit Platform will also generate a podcast feed.

To add audio files, in Global Office, click ‘Media’ and click ‘Audio’.  Click ‘Add Audio’ to add a new audio file.


You can add a date that the audio was recorded, but, if you don’t have a date, tick the ‘Not Applicable’ checkbox.  In the Title box, enter the title of the recording and under Author, the person who was speaking.  The Description should be used to give a brief description of the recording.

Audio Categories can be added in ‘Audio Options’ and are useful if you have different speech series.  You can add the recording to a category and visitors to your site will be able to select a category to filter the recordings.


If you are using Edit Plus, you are able to restrict access to the recordings to logged in members only, or specific groups of members.
In the Related Page dropdown, you can select a page from your website which is related to the recording. 
You can then add your audio file by clicking ‘Choose File’.  The file has to be in MP3 or MP4a format and must be no larger than 50MB.  Once you have chosen your file, click the ‘Add’ button to upload it to the site.

If you have any related files, such as a PDF of the notes, or a PowerPoint slideshow that accompanied the speech, these can be attached using the ‘Choose File’ buttons under ‘Related Files’.  Click ‘Continue’ to add the files to the live site.

If you now go to ‘Audio’ on your live site, you will see the audio file you have added as well as any additional files.  The audio file can be played directly in the browser, or it can be downloaded to allow people to listen on a different device.

If you want to add some introductory text to your Audio page, this can be done, in Global Office, by clicking ‘Audio Homepage’.  This will bring you to a Page Editor, where you can add content, just as you would with any other page on the site.  The content that you add here, will appear at the top of the Audio page.

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