If you are using one of our Edit Plus packages, you will have access to create groups within Global Office.  

Once your groups are created, you are able to add content to your website that only specific groups can access and also set up rotas for that group.  Setting up rotas will be covered in another video.


To add a group, click People, then Groups and then click the ‘Add Group’ button.  You can then give your group a name and add a short description of the group.  If you tick the ‘Use Forum’ checkbox, members of the group will have access to a chat forum.  This will allow them to send messages to other members of the group that won’t be available to any one outside the group.

Once you have completed the details, click the ‘Add’ button and you will be able to add people to the group, from your list of members.  To add someone to the group, click the ‘+’ button next to their name, and it will change to an ‘x’.  To remove someone from the group, click the ‘x’ next to their name, which will change it to a ‘+’.

If you add someone as a ‘Member’ of the group, they will have access to any restricted folders or pages and the group forum.  If they are added as a ‘Manager’, they will be able to add and remove people from the group and manage the group’s rotas.

Now that you have created a group, you are able to add content to your site that is only available for members of that group to see.
To do this, click ‘Web Pages’ and then click the ‘Add Folder’ button.  If this is to be a sub-folder, select the parent folder from the dropdown menu, give the folder a name and then select ‘Restricted Group’ in the Folder Access section.  You can then select the group that should have access to this folder from the dropdown and click ‘Continue’.


You can now add pages and forms to this folder that can only be accessed by members of the group you selected.


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