Add Records to Extensible Databases


When you have created your database and added the fields you can add records to it.

To do this, click Features and then click the Database to which you wish to add records.  You can then add records by clicking the Add… button.

You will then see a page with the fields that you added to your database which can be filled in with relevant data.

You will need to complete the Title of Record field as this is required, you will also need to complete any field that has an asterisk next to the field name.  These are fields set as required when you added the fields for the database.

You can then select if the record is Live, or not.  If Live is not toggled on, the record won’t appear on your website.

Once you have completed all the relevant fields, including all required fields, you can click the Save button to save your record.  If any required fields have not been completed, you will receive a message letting you know which field needs to be filled.

Records that have been added can be edited by clicking the orange pencil icon alongside the record.  This will allow you to change any of the fields to update or correct them.  At the bottom, in the Record Management section, there is also a space for you to add any notes explaining the changes you made, or the reasons for making them, or any other useful information.  The notes can be seen by others who have access to add and edit records in the Database.

You can delete records by clicking the red dustbin icon alongside the record.  Deleting a record is permanent and the data won’t be recoverable.

You can view a record by clicking the blue magnifying glass icon.

If you have chosen to include an expiry date for your records, when the expiry date is passed, the records will be moved to the Archived section.  Records can still be viewed and edited if they are archived, but they won’t be displayed on your public website.

The database can be viewed on the website by clicking the database name in the menu on your site.

You will see the description that you added and each record with the fields that you set to appear on the Summary Page.

Clicking on the Record Title will allow you to see the full record.


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