The Videos feature on your Edit Website site offers a similar facility for video as the Audio page offers for audio files.  Your videos are not hosted on our servers, so you will need to upload them to either YouTube or Vimeo and then use the insert video tool within the web editor to add them to your site.  The Videos page will then display the videos and allow you to add your own description and thumbnail.


If you don't see 'Video' in the menu on your homepage, you will need to switch the feature on.  To do this, click Settings in the top menu, click Features and then select Yes next to Video.  You will then need to click Update to make your change live.


Note, You are able to embed videos into any page on your Church Edit website.

For more tips on adding videos to your webpages, see our guide on the web editor.


To add a video to your Videos page you will simply need the add the link to the video on YouTube or Vimeo. 
This should be the link from the address bar at the top of the web page your video is displayed on.
If you use any other link, the video will not be displayed on your website. The link needs to include /watch?


Video Name is the title of the video

The Description should be a short description of the video content.  This is shown on the Videos page.

Keywords are to help the search engines find your video. You can choose whether these are shown in Video Options

Video Access allows you to restrict who can see the video, if you have an Edit Plus package.

Ticking Live will mean that the video is shown on the page, if this is not ticked the video will not show on your website.

Video URL is the link to the video on YouTube or Vimeo.

Video Duration is the length of the video in the format hh:mm:ss, each denomination separated by a colon. You can choose whether this is shown in Video Options

Date Recorded can be added if required.  You will need to tick the box next to Add to be able to enter a date.


When you have added all the details you require, click the Update button and your video will be added to the page.


Video Options

On the Video Options page you are able to set your preferences for how you would like your videos ordered on the video page and what information you would like people to see.  It also allows you to add some introductory text that will appear at the top of your Video page.
Videos per page allows you to specify how many videos will show on a single page, up to a maximum of 50

Sort Order allows you to specify the order videos are displayed.  They can be sorted alphabetically according to the Video Name, either A-Z or Z-A, or they can be ordered by date, showing either the most recently uploaded video first, or the oldest video first

Allow Search will allow your videos to appear in search results if you have the Search option enabled on your site.

Show Keywords in Summary will display any keywords you have added when uploading the video, in the description shown with the video

Show Duration in Summary will display the length of the video in the description, if you included the information when you added the video to the page

Show Date Recorded in Summary will display the date the video was recorded in the description, if you included the information when you added the video to the page

Default Image allows you to upload an image that will be used if you don't add a specific image for a video you add to the page.  This could be, for example, a church logo

Show preview to non-members applies to videos that have had access restricted to members only (only available to Church Edit Pro customers) and will show the description of the video to visitors who are not logged in, but will not allow them to view the video.

Video Homepage Text will appear above the videos on your Video page, it allows you to add an introduction and any other information that may be useful to visitors to the page.  The text is added using the Web Editor.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to add extra information about the videos, this can then be displayed on your Video page if you wish it to be.  You may want to add details of who features in the video, or the location in which it was filmed, for example.


Field name is the name of the custom field

Field Type can be either Text or Multiline

Field Live needs to be ticked if you wish the field to be available when you are adding new videos

Field Search will allow the custom field data to be included in searches

Show in Summary will display the contents of the custom field on the video page if it is ticked


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