Photo Albums


The photo feature can create multiple photo albums each with their own photos. It is a great way to share photos from Events.

To enable/disable the photo feature go to Settings and click the Features button.


In Global Office click on Media and select the Photo Albums button press the Add Photo Album button and then complete the form.

When the form has been completed click Add Photo Album to create the new album.

You will see a confirmation that your album has been added. To begin adding photos you will need to click on the clicking here link.


The Upload Photo form will then appear and you should enter the title of the photograph and, if you choose, the description as well. To select the photo from your computer press the Choose File button to locate the photo (photos must be either JPG or GIF). When the form is complete press Upload to save the photo to the website.


If the height or width of your image is more than 4500px you will not be able to upload it. You will have to resize the image and upload it again.


Edit will automatically compress the file and generate a smaller photo called a 'thumbnail' which is displayed in the photo gallery homepage. Visitors to the site will click the thumbnail to see the larger picture.


Page Timeouts
When uploading the photo the page shows an error page after a certain amount of time. If this happens it means that the photo is taking too long to upload. This may happen if the file is extremely large and/or your internet connection is slow.


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