Linking to Documents

You can link to Files such as PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint from your web pages.

To do this, in Global Office, go to Web Pages, locate the page that you want to add the link to, and click the pencil icon to edit it.

Type into the web editor the text that should appear as the link (ie Download the teaching notes), then highlight the text and click the Link to File button in the toolbar.

This will open the File Browser, where you will see any documents that have been previously added.  If the file that you wish to link to has already been uploaded, it will be shown in the list and you can click the file name to add the link.

If the file doesn’t appear in the list of files, click the Choose File button at the bottom left of the page.  You’ll then be able to select the file from your computer hard drive and then click the Upload button at the bottom right of the page.  This will add the file to the list and you can then click the file name to add the link to your page.

You are able to upload files without creating a link.  To do this you will need to go to Web Pages and click Files.  You can then click the Add File button, enter any relevant information and click the Choose File button.  This will allow you to select the file from your hard drive and, once you’ve done this, click the Save button.

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